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Helping you grow your business through internet

You have a web related project but don't have the necessary skills to implement it...
Regardless of your business type, we are here to help achieve your goals.
Are you ready to gain new customers and grow your visibility on the web ?

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- Banners,
- Email,
- Landing page,
- Showcase or ecommerce website.
- Search engine optimization (SEO)

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- Media planning,
- Media buying,
- Email marketing,
- Search engine advertising (google, youtube, bing) ,
- Social media optimization (facebook, twitter)

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- Trafic analysis,
- Customer Knowledge,
- Return on investment optimization,
- A/B testing

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- Learn how to publish on wordpress,
- Learn how to read your data,
- Learn how to create and optimize your adwords campaign.

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" Constant involvement , rigor, methodology , broad knowledge of tools and online marketing levers ; these are some of Gilles' many assets. He knows how to combine strategic vision and effective leadership. He has a sense of efficiency and job well done , Gilles also has the good taste to stay relaxed and always constructive ! "  Vinent B. Web manager at the Alsace Wine Makers Council

" Gilles is a true expert of the web in general and particularly Adwords and Analytics . Both comfortable with strategy and operational matters such as leading webmarketing campaigns and implementing web tracking, Gilles will certainly achieve your goals whether they are of branding or conversion "  David D. web marketing director at Unami

" I had the chance to be trained by Gilles and work with him for 6 months. Gilles in addition to mastering the entire technical chain of the web is also a great teacher that has a broad knowledge of the web. Do not hesitate to ask for your Adwords campaigns as he is also certified by Google. ! " Charles-Edouard T. Account Manager at SLS Data

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Telephone : 0033 690 223 995
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Siret 81306923400017 - Saint-Martin

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